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A Brief History of Welding Machines

Welding machines have been in use since the 1860s. The first arc welder was developed by a Russian engineer named Vasily Petrov during this period. Arc welding is the most common type of welding, which involves producing an electric current between two metal parts.
In 1920, General Electric produced the first modern welding machine used to perform spot welding as well as arc welding. This device was an instant success and was soon being used across a variety of industries for different purposes.
In the present day, companies have perfected the development of welding machines by producing high-quality MIG and wire feeders of various voltages so more industries can access quality tools. Today, welding machines are essential to many businesses.
Industries such as construction, fabrication, engineering, and manufacturing all rely on welding equipment for their work. Welding machines have made it possible for workers to create strong welds without the need for an expert welder. They are also used in emergency situations to repair damaged vehicles.